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Our Dogs

We pride ourselves in the having the privilege to own and train the dogs that we do. Currently, our core unit of dogs consists of eager, driven hunters with kind-hearted demeanors. Each dog was selected/bred with upland hunting, AKC testing, and quality conformation in mind. We intend to continue investing in our dogs for the betterment of genetics and the breed as a whole.


JH Flying B Cooper



SH Sundance Pride



SH All In I'll be Your "Huk"leberry Holliday



JH Snips All In Rip's Running Wild

The first member of our kennel came from Cahaba Kennels in Helena, Alabama. Being our main sire, Flying B Cooper "Cooper" is now the sire of two litters of GSP puppies, all of which have been AKC Registered. Cooper currently has his Junior Hunter title and will be working towards his Senior Hunter title in the fall.


The second member of our kennel came from Sundance Kennels located in central Missouri. Being our main dam, we hope to see future titles achieved by her in relation to AKC hunt tests, field trials, and NAHVDA events.

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