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JH Flying B Cooper

(AKA Cooper)

Coming to us from Cahaba Kennels, we received Cooper as a pup. From hunt tests to field trials and even wild bird hunts, he has proven to be a great versatile dog. Having now hunted birds in Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Texas, Montana, Kansas, South Dakota, and Nebraska, we feel that Cooper's prey drive and bird finding ability makes him a highly desired hunting companion. As Cooper continues to mature we look forward to seeing prodigy out of him in the future. 

SH All In I'll be Your "Huk"leberry Holliday 
(AKA Huk)

Huk was born in 2018 and is the son of our Flying B. Cooper. Huk achieved his Senior Hunter title in the spring of 2020 and is now working toward Master Hunter. After wild bird hunts in Nebraska, Kansas, and South Dakota, he has proven himself to be an excellent hunter, with willingness to please, ease of trainability, and a high prey drive. We look forward to a promising future with this pup!

JH Snips All In Rip's Running Wild
(AKA Rip)

Born in 2020, Rip came to us from Walnut Hill Kennels. With his stocky build and depth of genetics, we are excited to see this guy progress in the field! Being our newest addition to the kennel, we plan to showcase his talents in local field trials and hunt tests as well as broaden his bird exposure with trips out West.

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