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Hope's Creations

Welcome to Hope's Creations! At All In Kennels we understand that there is nothing quite like the relationship between you and your companion animal. Saying that, there is also something special about witnessing your hunting dog point and encounter birds. By creating art pieces, we hope to encapsulate that magical time in space and translate it to pictures and creations that will last a life time. 

What to expect:

Portrait art pieces take time and intricate detail. To ensure the portrait and pictures are of high quality we ask that there be a time arranged to take a few still shots and action shots of the dog(s)**. Once the owner and photographer are satisfied with the pictures taken, the portrait making process can begin. The pre-selected design by owner is created and furthermore, matted and framed***. Artwork can be picked up, delivered, or shipped (included with a small charge if necessary). 

**On an individual basis, only if clients are out of state and are unable to meet for a photo shoot, specific professional or high quality shots may be excepted to complete desired art pieces.

***Sizes of portraits images start at 8" x 10" with a fitting matte and 11" x 14" frame.

In the information box, we ask that you include in the message portion what your preference of art template is and what your time availabilty is. Please feel free to include any other questions or concerns.

Time for completion is approximately a month, depending on the number of art pieces being worked on at a time, so make sure you order yours in a timely manner. Up to five requests are accepted each month. You will receive an email that states what position you are on the waiting list and will be asked further questions if necessary.


Price will fluctuate with size of image. $150 deposit due the day of the photo shoot.


     -    Flash drive of all images taken during photo shoot                session. (All rights given to owner)

     -    Time and creation of art piece

     -    Printing of image

     -    Matte and frame

Request Form:

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