Puppy Development Program $250/month

Typically a 1 month program

A well trained hunting dog starts as a well developed puppy. Training puppies needs to be a delicate process as it could make or break a dog. Puppies go through development phases and it is important to know those phases when training. From 8-12 weeks puppies are in the fear impact phase. A puppy can become permanently fearful of anything if not properly introduced. The goal of this program is to have the puppy started in the right direction for advanced training. 

Starting age: 10 weeks

This program will include:

-Introduction of the gun

-Bird exposure

-wing drill


-Field work

Junior Hunter Program  $300/month

Typically a 2 month program

The Junior Hunter title is awarded once a puppy has shown potential to become a finished dog with proper training. In order to receive the  Junior Hunter title the puppy must receive 4 qualifying scores at an AKC sanctioned hunt test. This can prove to be very daunting. In the Junior Hunt test the judges are looking for 4 factors, bird finding ability, hunting, trainability, and pointing. Those are the factors that we will work on in the field. This program will consist of the following: 

Starting age: 4 months

-Introduction to the gun

-Field work

-Bird Exposure

-Building the prey drive

Please contact us if you have any questions!

Advanced Training Program  $600/month

Typically a 3 month program

The advanced training program is geared to providing you with a enjoyable hunting companion in the field. This is no doubt our most intensive and formal training program we offer. Once dogs reach  months of age they are ready to begin this formal training program. It will be a build off of the Junior Hunter program and those same areas will be covered for each dog that embarks on this program. This program will consist of: 

Starting age: 6 months

-Introduction to the gun

-Field work

-Bird Exposure

-Building the prey drive

-Steadying dogs to dead fall

-Backing/honoring drills


Please contact us for any questions!