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All In Kennels - Established in 2016

All In Kennels is owned and operated by Hunter and Hope Morton. From a young age, we, the Morton's, have had a passion for hunting and watching dogs work in the field. In 2016 we picked up our first German Shorthaired Pointer, Cooper, and from that point forward our passion and love for GSP's and upland hunting has flourished. We enjoy testing our dogs in AKC hunt test and field trials as well as hunting them on wild birds. Our mission is simple, to produce high preforming Shorthairs that excel in the field. We fell in love with this breed because of their versatility and loving spirit. Not many dogs can be excellent hunters in the field and a compatible family companion in the home but GSP's succeed at doing both. Having raised four German Shorthaired Pointers and trained a variety of other sporting breeds, we encourage proper socialization, early bird work, and consistancy, knowing the value it brings to an up-and-coming gundog! Being graduates of Clemson University we uphold the "Best Is The Standard" mantra for our kennel and our dogs!

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